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Please specify information about the colour of the interior.
How many previous owners has this vehicle had?
Has the vehicle's service history been maintained? If yes, are the entries complete? Was the service work done in a specialist garage? When is the next service due?
When was the last general inspection?
I would like to trade in my current vehicle.
It is a passenger car truck motorcycle mobile home/caravan
Make , ,
Colour , Initial registration date , km .
I am not trading in a car.
How would you judge the overall visual and mechanical condition of the vehicle?
Was the vehicle owned by a non-smoker?
Has the vehicle ever had an accident?
I live in .
Can I lease or finance the vehicle through you and if yes, through which bank? I drive approximately km per year.
Please specify information about the exhaust emission standard.
Please specify information about the
Number of seats
Number of sleeping berths
Net weight
Load capacity
Permissible towing weight
Permissible overall weight
Does the vehicle come with a warranty?
Does the vehicle come with a warranty?
Can you assist with the export of the vehicle or recommend an exporter? I live in .
Please let me know where and when I can bring the vehicle for a visual inspection. I would like to suggest the following dates, in order of preference : Am liebsten wäre mir der at a.m./p.m. , or : at a.m./p.m. or at a.m./p.m. .
I am bringing my vehicle to the inspection for possible trade-in .
I am coming on at a.m./p.m. to inspect/test drive the car.
Unfortunately, the dates you suggested do not fit into my schedule. Please suggest other dates or confirm one of the dates below. I could come to inspect/test drive the car on Ich könnte am at a.m./p.m. or oder am at a.m./p.m. zur Besichtigung/Probefahrt bei Ihnen sein.
Please call me because I have additional questions. You can reach me at or erreichen .
I speak (tick more than one if you wish) : German English French Spanish Italian Russian Polish
I would like to purchase the vehicle and accept your financing/leasing offer. Please call me at or to clarify the details . It is easiest to reach me between the hours of a.m./p.m. and a.m./p.m.
Please reserve the vehicle for me and let me know the conditions for the reservation.
I would like to purchase the vehicle. Please fax me an order form to .
Send me a copy of this inquiry
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